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One of my best decisions in the last two years has been to choose PriMed consulting to be my malpractice insurance agency. I have been so grateful for their outstanding attention to all details regarding my Ob/Gyn malpractice insurance and for always showing so much concern for any questions i have regarding coverage options or risk management issues. They negotiated a fair premium on my behalf! PriMed manages my malpractice insurance so I can completely focus on practicing medicine. I give my highest recommendation to PriMed Consulting for any physician seeking to change or improve their malpractice insurance coverage.


Over more than a decade, I have worked directly or indirectly with Prem Belani and his staff at PriMed. I have always been satisfied with their diligence and support. Prem is a source of timely data and wise, creative advice and he and his staff are always advocating for the health care provider in the current morass of the medico-legal world. He leaves no stone unturned and has always been ready to provide information and intervention on a moment's notice. He is dedicated and self-less in his focus on any individual's or department's medical liability needs. Working together over these years I consider him a valuable member of my health care team and I could not imagine working with a different medical liability broker.

PriMed Consulting has been very professional and efficient in assisting us with our medical malpractice coverage. They regularly evaluate our coverage needs and premiums to ensure that our physicians are receiving the maximum savings. I have great confidence that the entire staff at PriMed is personally committed to doing what’s best for our practice needs.
New Jersey

The staff at PriMed has been very professional and efficient in assisting me with my Medical Malpractice coverage. They regularly evaluate my coverage needs and keep me up-to-date and informed of changes in the industry. I have been very pleased with the services provided by PriMed Consulting and look forward to working with their staff for many years.

New Jersey