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What to Do When Your Medical Malpractice Insurance Policy is Non-Renewed

24, Sep Sep, 2012

When you are faced with a malpractice insurance non-renewal, it is important to look at all options to ensure you are not leaving any stone unturned.

  • Interview/Reinstatement: Setting up an interview with your med-mal carrier to see if there is any way to overturn the non-renewal is always a good idea. The carriers may re-issue your policy or grant you with an extension to give you more time to examine your options.
  • Work with an independent malpractice broker: Finding an independent malpractice insurance agent with access to several markets is advantageous at this time. An agent/broker can help you to gather medical malpractice insurance quotes from many different med-mal carriers and can help you to identify which carrier and type of policy is the best fit for you and your hospital/practice.
  • Claims Data: It is important to be sure you have as much information as possible on all of your claims. Providing a written narrative on each claim so the underwriters reviewing your file can see it from your perspective is helpful. Also, obtaining your loss history from all previous med-mal carriers is essential.
  • Tail Coverage: If you are on a Claims-Made policy, it is a good idea to obtain a tail quote. When you have this number in hand, it can help you to determine if it is better to purchase tail coverage from your med-mal carrier or to buy Nose/Prior-Acts Coverage from a new carrier.

Facing a non-renewal, declination or issues obtaining malpractice insurance can be a stressful time. Working with a medical malpractice insurance agent who has gone through this process with other physicians in similar situations can help to ease the uncertainty and time required to examine all options and bind coverage.

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