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West Virginia Physicians

WV physicians and surgeons have more competitive options for medical professional liability insurance. Please call or email, Nicole Myers, our local broker with years of experience if you are looking to open a new practice, look at alternative options for your current practice or to do a full policy review.

The following are the major malpractice insurance carriers in the state:
Norcal, Proassurance, Coverys and MedPro


  1. West Virginia Mutual Insurance Company: WVMIC is an admitted carrier since 2004 but their AM Best rating went from A- to B+ and they are not currently rated with AM Best.
  2. Norcal Mutual: Norcal is an admitted national carrier and has been in business since 1975. They have an A rating with AM Best. They have written Consent to Settle in their policy and multiple underwriting options to potentially reduce the premium cost. Premium payment options include monthly, quarterly and they will accept credit cards.
  3. Medical Protective: MedPro is a Berkshire Hathaway Company and national carrier. Their initial AM Best rating was in 1922 and today is at A++.
  4. Coverys: Coverys is an admitted carrier with an AM Best Rating of A.
  5. ProAssurance: ProAssurance is admitted with an A rating but many physicians have moved coverage to other vendors for additional premium savings.
  6. The Doctor’s Company: TDC is an admitted carrier with an A Rating with AM Best. Many physicians have moved their coverage to other vendors for additional premium savings.
  7. Capson:Capson was an admitted carrier but is in receivership. Please call Nicole if you currently have coverage with Capson.

Other WV markets:

  1. AMS: Applied Medico-Legal Solutions, RRG, Inc. is not currently rated but their conservative method is reflected in their financials.
  2. Beazley: Beazley is A rated with AM Best.

There are many other surplus markets for WV physicians, practices and hospitals.


  1. Guaranty Fund Protection: Policyholders insured by admitted carriers are protected by the State’s guaranty fund in the event of insolvency of the carrier. However, RRG policyholders are not protected by the guaranty fund in case the RRG becomes insolvent; making it extremely important to find a RRG with strong financials and a conservative business model.
  2. Financials: Even though a carrier is admitted, it is important to discuss the background and financials of even admitted markets.
  3. Consent to Settle: Most national carriers include Consent to Settle in their policy. This clause will allow you, at the time of claim if one should occur, to have Consent before allowing the insurance company to settle a claim on your behalf. Without this clause, the insurance company could settle without discussing with you or your knowledge.
  4. Coverage Forms: WV carriers provide both types of coverage, Occurrence and Claims-made. Please contact Nicole to explore your options to allow you to determine what coverage and policy type might be best for your practice.
  5. Premium Savings and Payment Options: With higher deductible options on healthcare, practices may find it difficult to come up down payments for their MPLI coverage, ask Nicole for alternatives with vendors that may offer payment options, Risk Management to reduce premiums or even different underwriting mechanisms. Not every carrier underwrites in the same manner and not every practice should be underwritten the same.
  6. Ease of Doing Business: You are busy and your staff might be overwhelmed with healthcare changes, let us find a market that makes underwriting easier, access to your certificates quicker and a full staff available to assist you anytime.

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