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NY Malpractice Insurance: Physicians Reciprocal Insurers (PRI)

17, Sep Sep, 2012

PRI has been a medical malpractice leader in New York State since their founding in 1982. PRI functions as a Reciprocal Insurer, which means that every physician who joins PRI is also an owner of the company. PRI currently insures more than 12,500 doctors as well as some of the most prestigious medical centers in New York with written premiums over $400 million a year, Making PRI one of the largest writers of Medical Malpractice Insurance in the nation.

PRI™s Programs include:

  • Aggressive claims handling
  • Entity Coverage for your PC, LLC, PLLC or your Partnership
  • Claims Made and Occurrence Policies
  • Excess Coverage
  • Nose Coverage
  • Waiver of premium for Tail Coverage
  • Suspension for those doctors under a Claims Made Policy
  • Locum Tenens Coverage
  • Payment Options include quarterly billing with no finance fee, credit card payments and premium finance options

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