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New York Section 18 First Layer Excess Professional Liability Coverage

5, Sep Sep, 2012

What is the Section 18 Program?

The Excess Medical Malpractice Insurance Program was established by the NY State Insurance Department, and later extended under Section 18 of the Medical Malpractice Reform Act. First layer excess is an additional layer of insurance protection ($1/3 Million) above the standard primary limits of $1.3/3.9 Million. First layer excess coverage is offered at no additional cost to eligible physicians and dentists who meet the following requirements:

  1. You must maintain primary individual limits of $1.3/3.9 Million with a NY State approved carrier
  2. You must complete a qualified risk management course. The RM course also makes you eligible for an additional 5% discount on your primary individual policy.
  3. You must have active privileges at one or more hospitals in NY State.

The application process is simple: Once you have your primary individual coverage ($1.3/3.9M Limits) through a NY State approved carrier, you can submit the excess application to your primary affiliated hospital along with a copy of your primary coverage and a copy of the Risk Management course certificate.

This valuable coverage is provided at no additional cost to you. If for any reason you do not qualify for the free excess coverage, you may be able to purchase and pay for this coverage through an insurance carrier.

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