New Jersey Medical Malpractice Insurance

The NJ Medical Malpractice market has continued to soften over the last 4 years, resulting in decreasing premiums and better conditions for NJ Physicians. 2012 was a year in which we saw conditions stabilizing. With increased competition, relatively lenient underwriting, and more options, physicians are finding themselves with many solutions to their malpractice needs. This competition in the market place has unearthed many risk-management discounts for physicians and surgeons offering high quality medicine and those taking proactive measures to minimize their risk. These offerings make it even more important to ensure you are working with a malpractice insurance advisor who is familiar with your practice, is looking for ALL opportunities to reduce your annual premiums and ensure you have the best coverage to fit your needs.

A note of caution: While history seems to repeat itself, we do not have to necessarily repeat our mistakes. Premiums and discounts are important, however, more important is long-term stability and value. Our objective at PriMed Consulting is to provide you with the most viable options and competitive premiums, WITHOUT sacrificing long term value and stability.

New Jersey has several carriers to choose from. Here is a brief summary of the NJ carriers we work with:

MD Advantage

MD Advantage is a medical malpractice insurance carrier built by physicians, for physicians. MD Advantage’s primary focus is to deliver medical professional liability insurance products based on sound financial and market strategies. MD Advantage provides a full range of services to help reduce their NJ physician insureds liability exposure. Their comprehensive risk-management program includes CME-accredited seminars and workshops, home study courses and on-site practice assessments. MD Advantage is a forward-thinking carrier who will reward you with reduced premiums as you in turn reduce your risk. The MDA team of claim professionals has earned a reputation for their superior clinical and legal expertise.

October 24, 2012, A. M. Best, the nation’s most recognized insurance rating organization, assigned MD Advantage an initial financial strength rating of, A- (Excellent) with a stable outlook.

Below, please find the discounts offered to MDA Insureds
  1. Electronic Medical Records: 3%
  2. Electronic Prescription Writer: 2%
  3. Education Credits: 3%
  4. Completion of Self-Assessment: 3%
  5. Participation in a Practice Assessment up to 3.5%
New Practice discounts are as follows:
  1. Year 1: 75%
  2. Year 2: 20%
  3. Year 3: 10%
Specialty Specific discounts are as follows:


  1. CALM Shoulder Dystocia Screen: 5%
  2. Advanced Practice Strategies (APS) Fetal Monitoring: 5%
  3. Synergy Discount: 5%


  1. Computer Aided Detection: 5%

Orthopedic Surgery:

  1. New Jersey Orthopedic Society Purchasing Alliance: 7.5% or 12.5% (spine or no spine)


  1. Pediatric Purchasing Alliance: 20%


  1. Dermatology Purchasing Alliance: 25%
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