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Doctors & Surgeons National Risk Retention Group (DSNRRG) Offers Special Programs

20, Aug Aug, 2012

Doctors & Surgeons National Risk Retention Group provides several focused programs, including hard-to-place circumstances, health care extenders, and specialties. These specialty specific programs put like-minded professionals together to focus on common challenges. They have been designed to enhance efficiency in your practice, reduce your risk exposure, and improve patient experiences.

Current special programs available:

  • Artemis Protective for Aesthetic Medicine

    A professional liability insurance program designed to bring together aesthetic medicine professionals to effectively manage risks, reduce costs, and enhance the practice of aesthetic medicine. Insureds partake in developing patient safety best practices.

  • Cover II for Emergency Medicine

    Emergency medicine doctors not only face the high risks of practicing medicine within the emergency room; they also face high medical malpractice risks. This medical malpractice insurance program offers superior coverage for emergency room doctors and urgent care providers.

  • Special Risks for hard-to-place cases

    There are cases when something out of the ordinary needs to be insured – something that is just a little different. Doctors and Surgeons Risk Retention Group have team members who are dedicated to special hard-to-place medical malpractice risks. With a focused approach To Risk Management and a knack for determining the potential problems likely to crop up, this insurance program will meet the needs of your particular specialty and provide the necessary coverage to keep your practice protected

  • Health Care Extenders for NPs, PAs, and other allied providers

    A medical malpractice insurance program designed to meet the specific coverage needs of physician extenders.

If you are a physician or healthcare organization in NY or NJ looking to obtain special coverage, please contact PriMed. We will be happy to inform you of your options, empower you with informed purchasing decisions, and provide you with medical malpractice coverage solutions that will benefit the health and protection of your practice.

About Doctors & Surgeons

Doctors & Surgeons National Risk Retention Group is a physician member-owned professional liability insurance carrier that was launched in 2007. Doctors & Surgeons is led by physicians and insurance professionals who have extensive experience with RRG operation. From underwriting to claim handling and from finance to risk management, the depth of their knowledge has been pivotal to the company’s rapid growth and success. Doctors & Surgeons’ goal is to provide high-quality insurance coverage, effective risk management programs, and excellent service. As a physician-centric insurance company, they are dedicated to being a stable support for health care professionals.

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