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MDAdvantage Insurance Company of NJ Offers Supreme Advantage

MDAdvantage Insurance Company of NJ Offers Supreme Advantage

8 Aug 2012
8, Aug Aug, 2012

MDAdvantage, a NJ medical malpractice insurance company, , offers a product enhancement that provides a greater level of protection for New Jersey physicians and their practices. Supreme Advantage goes above and beyond, offering New Jersey physicians critical business coverage to protect against the rising incidents of business risks beyond the practice of medicine.

Supreme Advantage consists of the following:

  1. Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

  2. Privacy and Data Security Insurance (PDSI)

  3. Medical Practice Administration Insurance (MPAI)

Doctors have three purchase options:

  1. EPLI: $1 Million limit / $1 Million aggregate

  2. PDSI/MPAI: $1 Million limit for each coverage / $1 Million in aggregate

  3. All three coverages: EPLI and PDSI/MPAI

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)
EPLI defends the insured for any claims arising out of employment practices relating to:

  • Wrongful demotion, discharge, or termination of employment

  • Employment-related misrepresentation

  • Violation of employment discrimination laws

  • Sexual and other harassment

  • Wrongful failure to hire

  • Negligent evaluation

  • Retaliation

  • Invasion of privacy

  • Employment-related defamation or infliction of emotional distress

Broad Form EPLI Option:
This option provides third party coverage for actions by an insured against a non-employee. Patient abuse, molestation and harassment are excluded; however, this coverage can be included for additional premium.

Privacy and Data Security Insurance (PDSI)
PDSI covers the following:

  • Network Security & Privacy InsuranceDefends the insured for any claims arising out of a breach of privacy, virus attack, denial or service, or HIPAA violation. The coverage is for electronic and paper-based information, and includes regulatory defense and the payment of regulatory fines or penalties.

  • Patient Notification & Credit Monitoring Costs InsuranceCoverage includes all necessary legal, public relations, electronic forensics, advertising and postage expenses incurred by the insured to notify third parties of a breach of information, as may be required in NJ. In addition, one year of credit monitoring is included.

  • Data Recovery Costs Insurance Provides reimbursement for reasonable and necessary amounts required to recover and/or replace data that is compromised, damaged, lost, erased or corrupted, including software costs.

Medical Practice Administration Insurance (MPAI)
MPAI covers the following:

  • Coverage for attorney and audit costs, as well as fines and penalties incurred in response to actions or proceedings resulting from Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) audit findings

  • Defense costs, civil fines, and penalties coverage for billing errors, STARK and EMTALA proceedings

  • Broad definition of billing errors proceedings, which includes both governmental and commercial payer audits and investigations, qui tam plaintiffs, or voluntary self-disclosure.

Protect your practice with Supreme Advantage.

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