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Who and What Does PRI Cover?

Who and What Does PRI Cover?

13 Jan 2015
13, Jan Jan, 2015

Physicians Reciprocal Insurers or PRI, is the second largest malpractice insurance carrier in the state of New York. PRI has been serving the needs of NY healthcare providers and facilities for over 30 years.

Why PRI?

PRI serves the medical community throughout New York State and provides competitively priced malpractice insurance premiums to practicing physicians, chiropractors, and dentists. In addition, PRI also offers customized solutions for hospitals and various healthcare facilities.

PRI’s three main attributes are:

  • Comprehensive professional liability products
  • State of the art risk management support, and
  • Outstanding customer service.

Physicians Reciprocal Insurers works on the premise of aggressive claims management. In other words, physicians with coverage can expect to receive timely responses to their malpractice lawsuits. However, professionals cite that PRI’s greatest resource is its risk management program which includes online education, reference books, and discount incentives for completing risk management programs.

In addition to covering individuals, PRI also serves:

  • Hospitals
  • Medical Schools
  • Nursing homes
  • Medical Colleges
  • Other Medical Facilities

Competitive premiums:

The aggregate malpractice claims payout in New York was $677 million dollars in 2012 (Westgate, A. 2012). It is no wonder that NY physicians are looking for competitively priced malpractice insurance as the premiums have increased steadily over the years.

PRI offers competitive premiums and discounts for several specialties in NY. Besides competitive premiums, PRI also offers aggressive claims handling and risk management services that can help mitigate the claims losses experienced by physicians. PRI also offers locum tenens coverage.

Corporation coverage:

PRI also offers extra liability limits for Professional entities (such as PC, PLLC) at no additional charge, if all physicians in the group are insured by PRI. This is a tremendous benefit for practices of two or more physicians in NY.

Types of Coverage Offered:

PRI offers Occurrence policies, which provide coverage for claims that may arise from incidents which may have occurred while you had a policy in force, regardless of when a claim is reported, even if the policy is no longer in force. Thus, PRI’s Occurrence coverage provides long-term continuing protection for the physician. For example, if a malpractice claim is filed say five years after the incident occurred, and the physician or dentist was protected under a PRI Occurrence policy five years ago, PRI would provide coverage for any covered claims. Occurrence policies provide the value of long-term coverage over the years.

PRI also offers Claims-made policies. PRI’s Claims-made policies provide protection for claims that ‘arise and are reported’ while you have a policy in force. You are covered up to the policy limits in effect at the time the claim is reported. To be protected for any claims which are reported after the malpractice policy has been canceled, you must purchase ‘tail coverage’, (Extended Reporting Period endorsement), or obtain similar protection from a subsequent malpractice insurance carrier. A claims-made policy must continue in force to provide protection, or be replaced by tail coverage. When you elect to change claims-made carriers, ‘Prior Acts Coverage’ or ‘Nose’ coverage must be obtained to cover your exposure from your first day of claims made coverage. PRI also offers free tail coverage to physicians who satisfy the State requirements for free tail coverage.

Applying for Physicians Reciprocal Insurance

Physicians have to meet PRI’s underwriting criteria before being approved for coverage. If you need help with your malpractice insurance options, please contact PriMed Consulting, a leading malpractice insurance broker exclusively serving NY & NJ. 800.528.3758.

New York Medical Malpractice Insurance: Voluntary Attending Physician (VAP) Program

5 Nov 2012
5, Nov Nov, 2012

Physicians’ Reciprocal Insurers (PRI) & Medical Liability Mutual Insurance Company (MLMIC) offer VAP programs & discounts to their physicians. VAP discounts are available to physicians who have privileges at hospitals that are insured by one of the above two insurance carriers.

VAP Discounts

: If the hospital of principal affiliation AND the physician are both insured by the SAME carrier (PRI or MLMIC), the physician (Voluntary Attending Physician) is eligible for the following discounts totalling 12%

Risk Management Discount

: 5%. This online or class adminstered course also allows physicians to be eligbile for a 5% discount on their malpractice premiums, as well as the Section 18 Free Excess coverage of $1/3 Million through the hospital of their primary affiliation.. Please read our article on Section 18 Excess coverage for updates.

Joint Defense Discount

: 7%. Eligible physicains applying for this discount would have to agree to a Joint Defense if named in a lawsuit with any other physician who is insured by the same carrier under the same program.

We stronly urge physicians to understand the pros and cons of the VAP program and the benefits or discounts this program can provide. For more information or help with an application, please contact PriMed Consulting at 800.528.3758. Email:

PriMed Consulting is an independent medical professional liability agency serving NY & NJ. 802 West Park Avenue, Bldg. 3, Suite 302, Ocean, NJ 07712

Physicians Reciprocal Insurers (PRI) Program for NY Pediatricians

19 Sep 2012
19, Sep Sep, 2012

Pediatricians practicing in NY would benefit from comparing their current medical malpractice insurance coverage and premiums with that offered by PRI. PRI is one of the leading medical malpractice carriers in NY, insuring over 12,500 physicians and many prestigious health care facilities.

PRI offers very competitive premiums for NY Pediatricians, along with a choice of Occurrence and Claims-Made coverage forms. PRI also offers nose™ or prior-acts™ coverage to those who are currently covered under a claims-made policy with another carrier.

A quick review of the current med-mal policy could end up saving NY Pediatricians over 20% on their medical malpractice premiums! Call PriMed Consulting today at 800.528.3758 or email:

NY Malpractice Insurance: Physicians Reciprocal Insurers (PRI)

17 Sep 2012
17, Sep Sep, 2012

PRI has been a medical malpractice leader in New York State since their founding in 1982. PRI functions as a Reciprocal Insurer, which means that every physician who joins PRI is also an owner of the company. PRI currently insures more than 12,500 doctors as well as some of the most prestigious medical centers in New York with written premiums over $400 million a year, Making PRI one of the largest writers of Medical Malpractice Insurance in the nation.

PRI™s Programs include:

  • Aggressive claims handling
  • Entity Coverage for your PC, LLC, PLLC or your Partnership
  • Claims Made and Occurrence Policies
  • Excess Coverage
  • Nose Coverage
  • Waiver of premium for Tail Coverage
  • Suspension for those doctors under a Claims Made Policy
  • Locum Tenens Coverage
  • Payment Options include quarterly billing with no finance fee, credit card payments and premium finance options

For more information or help with a PRI application, please call PriMed Consulting at 800.528.3758 or email:

Physicians Reciprocal Insurers (PRI) Med-Mal Risk Management Programs & Discounts

10 Sep 2012
10, Sep Sep, 2012

Physicians Reciprocal Insurers is accredited by the Medical Society of the State of New York to sponsor Continuing Medical Education (CME) for physicians. Therefore, those physicians who participate in PRI™s med-mal risk management programs are awarded CME credits.

risk management education programs are available to physicians through online access or, if the physician prefers instructor led environments, at regional local areas.

PRI offers 2 different programs:

  • PRI Basic 5-Hour Program: This course is for those NY physicians who need to satisfy the New York State Insurance Department Excess (Section 18 First Layer Excess Medical Malpractice Insurance Coverage) 5-hour program, and/or for those physicians who are eligible to receive a 5% risk management discount on Their Medical Malpractice Insurance. will be awarded 8 CME credits.
  • PRI 3-Hour Follow Up Program: This course is for those physicians who need to satisfy the New York State Insurance Department Excess 3-hour follow up program, and/or for those physicians who need to renew their 5% risk management discount on their medical malpractice insurance. After completing the course, each physician will be awarded 5 CME credits.

For more information on PRI, please contact PriMed Consulting at 800.528.3758. Email:

Physicians Reciprocal Insurers (PRI) Offers Premium Discount Programs

7 Sep 2012
7, Sep Sep, 2012

Physicians Reciprocal Insurers offers New York State Insurance Department approved Excess and Premium Discount programs. Discounts include:

  • Risk Management Discount
  • Voluntary Attending Physician Discount (Joint Defense Discount)
  • No Consent Discount
  • Part-time Discount
  • New Doctor Discount
  • Annual Pre Pay Option
  • Claims-free Discount
  • Magnacare Discount

For more information, please call PriMed Consulting 800.528.3758. Email: