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MDAdvantage Insurance Company of New Jersey

MDAdvantage Insurance Company of New Jersey

MD Advantage Insurance Company in NJ

MDAdvantage is a medical malpractice insurance carrier built by physicians, for physicians. MDAdvantage’s primary focus is to deliver medical professional liability insurance products based on sound financial and market strategies. MDAdvantage provides a full range of services to help reduce their NJ physician insureds liability exposure. Their comprehensive risk-management program includes CME-accredited seminars and workshops, home study courses and on site practice assessments. MDAdvantage is a forward thinking carrier who will reward you with reduced premiums as you in turn reduce your risk. The MDA team of claim professionals has earned a reputation for their superior clinical and legal expertise.

October 24, 2012 A. M. Best, the nation’s most recognized insurance rating organization, assigned MDAdvantage an initial financial strength rating of, A- (Excellent) with a stable outlook.

Below, please find the discounts offered to MDA Insureds

  1. Electronic Medical Records 3%
  2. Electronic Prescription Writer2%
  3. Education Credits3%
  4. Completion of Self Assessment3%
  5. Participation in a Practice Assessmentup up to 3.5%

New Practice discounts are as follows:

  1. Year 1 75%
  2. Year 2 20%
  3. Year 3 10%


Specialty Specific discounts are as follows:

  1. CALM Shoulder Dystocia Screen 5%
  2. Advanced Practice Strategies (APS) Fetal Monitoring 5%
  3. Synergy Discount 5%


  1. Computer Aided Detection 5%


Orthopedic Surgery:
  1. New Jersey Orthopedic Society Purchasing Alliance 7.5% or 12.5% (spine or no spine)


  1. Pediatric Purchasing Alliance 20%


  1. Dermatology Purchasing Alliance 25%


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