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Physicians Reciprocal Insurers (PRI) & MagnaCare Partnership

14, Sep Sep, 2012

PRI offers an exclusive medical malpractice insurance program for NY physicians.

Reciprocal Insurers Insurers (PRI), a medical malpractice insurance company with a reputation for insuring the finest physicians and protecting them aggressively, has partnered with MagnaCare to offer NY physicians great rates and special discounts through PRI.

Discounts off the prevailing rates for medical malpractice insurance are now available as follows:

  • 7% discount for joint legal defense coverage (not available to part-time or new-to-practice doctors)
  • 5% discount for completion of PRI™s Risk Management Course
  • 5% discount for no-consent option on settling cases
  • 2% discount for annual pre-payment of premium

Physicians affiliated with the MagnaCare network are eligible to receive all the above discounts. For more information or help With your Medical Malpractice Insurance in NY or NJ, please contact PriMed Consulting.

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