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Who and What Does PRI Cover?

Who and What Does PRI Cover?

13 Jan 2015
13, Jan Jan, 2015

Physicians Reciprocal Insurers or PRI, is the second largest malpractice insurance carrier in the state of New York. PRI has been serving the needs of NY healthcare providers and facilities for over 30 years. Read More

NY Medical Malpractice: Professional Entity Coverage

8 Jan 2015
8, Jan Jan, 2015

Do you need to cover your Professional Entity against potential malpractice lawsuits?

It is important for physicians and practices to understand ‘who’ and ‘what’ is covered under a medical malpractice insurance policy, as well as the limits and exclusions.

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NY Medical Malpractice Insurance: ‘Claims-free’ Discount

26 Nov 2012
26, Nov Nov, 2012

NY Physicians who have excellent malpractice claims experience can now qualify for additional discounts on Their Malpractice Insurance Premiums. The NY State Insurance Department approved a new Claims-free discount of 7.5% for qualifying physicians, effective July 1, 2011.

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NY Medical Malpractice Insurance: New-to-practice Discounts

21 Nov 2012
21, Nov Nov, 2012

Physicians and Surgeons who enter private practice (either solo or joining a group practice) immediately after completion of their training can qualify for New Doctor discounts on Their Medical Malpractice Insurance. In some cases, physicians who immediately after their training became hospital employees, but are now starting their private practice (solo or joining a group), may also qualify for the New Doctor discount.

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NY Medical Malpractice Insurance: Part-time Discounts

19 Nov 2012
19, Nov Nov, 2012

NY physicians and surgeons who work limited hours can qualify for part-time discounts on their malpractice insurance premiums. These discounts apply to physicians & surgeons who limit their medical practice to 20 hours or less per week. However, Some Risk Retention Groups may offer higher discounts for part-time practitioners who limit their practice to less than 10 hours per week.

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NY Medical Malpractice Insurance – Claims–made Vs Occurrence

14 Nov 2012
14, Nov Nov, 2012

Physicians and surgeons who are Contemplating buying Medical Malpractice Coverage or are reviewing their current malpractice coverage would benefit from a clearer understanding of how the two types of policies are priced. A better understanding of the premiums could save you significant premium dollars.

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MLMIC Claims-made coverage: Free tail-coverage eligbility

12 Nov 2012
12, Nov Nov, 2012

Physicians and surgeons who have a Claims-made medical malpractice insurance policy with MLMIC may be eligible for Free tail coverage. Here are some of the eligibility criteria: Read More

New York Medical Malpractice Insurance: Voluntary Attending Physician (VAP) Program

5 Nov 2012
5, Nov Nov, 2012

Physicians’ Reciprocal Insurers (PRI) & Medical Liability Mutual Insurance Company (MLMIC) offer VAP programs & discounts to their physicians. VAP discounts are available to physicians who have privileges at hospitals that are insured by one of the above two insurance carriers. Read More